Mapo Tofu Recipe

Mapo Tofu Recipe

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Mapo tofu is made as follows:

1. Prepare a fresh piece of tender tofu and a package of mapo tofu seasoning


Mapo Tofu Sauce

2. First, take a wok and start boiling some water. Cut the bean curd into 2*2cm pieces. Now, the water is boiling, toss in a teaspoon of salt, and put our tofu in for just about one minute, take it out of the water, and set it aside.

4. Now cut up the scallion, onion, ginger and garlic.So now that all the ingredients are prepared, let's cook our Mapo Tofu.

5. Wok on, oil in. In goes the ginger , then garlic, then the scallion, then in goes the Mapo Tofu seasoning. Give that a little stir-fry until the pot smell after the addition of prepared tofu block. Be really gentle with it. Don't stir-fry it, just push it around so the tofu goes everywhere. Now let the tofu cook for about three minutes to really get the flavor in there. Towards the end of the three minutes,get some cornflour and some water in a bowl. And give this a nice stir.Finally shut off your heat,and put your dish in a plate.



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