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Introduction of zhangqiu wok store(章丘铁锅)

Do you like Chinese food? Do you like to make Chinese food?
If you like Chinese food and like to make Chinese food yourself, then you should pay more attention to zhangqiu wok store.

In zhangqiu wok store, you can discover traditional Chinese kitchenwares that have been passed down for thousands of years.
In zhangqiu wok store, you also can learn the methods of making Chinese food.

China zhangqiu (中国章丘) is the birthplace of Chinese hand hammered iron woks and pans. Zhangqiu has the best artisans who make iron woks and pans in China.

ZhenSanHuan(臻三环) is the most famous brand of zhongqiu wok. The iron pot made by Zhensanhuan was documented on A Bite of China(舌尖上的中国).