Advantages And Disadvantages of Cast Iron Wok Pot

Cast iron pot is also called raw iron pot! Usually made of molten iron!

Cast iron wok is a kind of healthy wok!

Cast iron pot has the advantage of evenly heating, but it is very easy to rust.

Because it has the advantage of evenly heating, it can greatly reduce the cooking time when using cast iron cooker. It not only has good heat preservation performance, but also is especially suitable for novices who cannot cook. The oil temperature is relatively balanced.

It is not necessary to worry about the fast cooling of winter dishes when cooking with cast iron pots, and the dishes are not easy to fry.

The cooking function of the cast iron pan is very complete. It can be used not only as a frying pan, but also as a frying pan, a stewing pan, a steak pan, a seafood pan, and a baking pan. Therefore, the cast iron pan is very cost-effective.

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