Cast Iron Wok Maintenance And Use Tips

We would like tell you some suggestions of useing ancient cast iron pot. 

1. How to season the cast iron pot?
① Prepare a piece of animal oil. Fat meat with skin is the best.
② Add warm water to wash the pot, wash off the plant oil that has been pre-painted before leaving the factory, and dry the water with medium and small fire.
③ Pour in edible oil and cover the pan evenly, cool and then pour out.
④ Put in animal oil, smear and wipe repeatedly, and pour out the dirty oil after the pot is finished.
⑤ After boiling with animal oil for 2-3 times, fry a green vegetable for trial. It is recommended not to eat it.

2. Why does moire appear in the pot?
The moire of the pot body is not a crack, but a proof of manual casting. It will automatically Oil absorption forms a natural oil film, which is getting better and better. It can be promoted to a non-stick pan after normal maintenance for more than half a year.

3. Why does the pot have trachoma?
Handmade, trachoma of each product is a normal phenomenon, which does not affect normal use. If you mind We can contact the store customer service to handle it for you.

4. Why is the fried food blackened?
When cooking for the first time, the leaves may turn black, but don't worry, it is an edible medium The medicine "Songyan" will not blacken after use.

5. What are the precautions for brushing the pan?
Better not to brush the pan with steel ball and detergent, which will damage the oil film in the pan and affect the non-stick effect. Brush the pot with the brush given by the store.

6. What are the rust prevention and rust removal techniques?
① After cooking, please timely dry the water stains inside and outside the pot, and brush a layer of oil inside the pot to keep it dry No rust.
② In case of rust, remove the rust with steel wire ball and vinegar, dry and then re-open the pot.

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