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ZhenSanHuan Cast Iron Round Skillet/Frying Pan

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ZhangQiu ZhenSanHuan Chinese Cast Iron Round Skillet/Frying Pan. It is fit for Steak, pancake, dumplings, etc.

Brand Introduction

  • ZhenSanhuan is a famous brand of Chinese traditional hand-hammered iron pot.ZhenSanHuan owns the patent of ZhangQiu iron wok, hand-hammered with Chinese traditional cold working technique. This technique was used to make weapons in ancient history.
  • The company is committed to providing customers with kitchenware products with Chinese characteristics.
  • The iron pot making video of zhensanhuan is broadcast in A Bite of China.You can find the video here:

Product Strength

  • Handmade cast iron wok using Chinese traditional old casting technique. 1600 temperature liquid iron in earth mould to forge a wok. Thin but durable.
  • Simple: No coating, no painting, nothing but iron. It is completely safe and healthy.
  • Compatible: ultra-durable surface make the wok compatible with metal, wood and silicone utensils and it is suitable for all kinds of foods.
  • Versatile: Can be used to sear, fry, saute, grill, roast, bake, braise and broil (both indoors or out)
  • Thicken bottom: for better heat retention and conduction

Customer Reviews

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Thank you for a great product

Received the item quickly and it works really well after following the recommended instructions. Unlike most cast iron its light so easy to handle. The added silicone holders are a bonus! Thank you for a great product