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ZhangQiu ZhenSanHuan Chinese Hand Hammered wooden Handle Round Bottom Carbon Steel Wok

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ZhangQiu ZhenSanHuan Chinese Hand Hammered Iron Handle Round Bottom Carbon Steel Wok.

Brand Introduction

  • ZhenSanhuan is a famous brand of Chinese traditional hand-hammered iron pot.ZhenSanHuan owns the patent of ZhangQiu iron wok, hand-hammered with Chinese traditional cold working technique. This technique was used to make weapons in ancient history.
  • The company is committed to providing customers with kitchenware products with Chinese characteristics.It does not just bring you health, but also with long-lasting life cycle, it keeps your home traditional flavor for your grandchildren.
  • The iron pot making video of zhensanhuan is broadcast in A Bite of China.You can find the video here:

Product Strength

  • Chinese wok, made in China. Our woks have been through 12 processes, 36,000 times of hand-hammering. It shines like a mirror. You can see all the hammer prints but hardly feel them. Mirror surface allows ingredients to slide smoothly inside the wok.
  • Our woks have no coating nor painting. You don't have to worry about the nonstick coating falling off.
  • Iron is reactive, and it will form a protective layer of iron oxide. The longer it is used, the more nonstick it is.
  • After going through thousands of times of experiments, we found the classic concaveness, not too shallow, not too deep, just right for heat conductivity, and best shape for stir frying. Free silicone handle cover to protect you from heat.
  • Products require seasoning before use, blue black wok is pre-seasoned, and you only need to wash it and oil it. For silver woks, you need to season them by yourself. We have detailed tutorial video and we encourage you to season it by yourself to see the miracle process.
  • Gas Stovetop Compatible, Seasoned, Induction Stovetop NOT Compatible.
  • Wooden hanlde is lighter than iron handle.
  • Blue-black wok is pre-seasoned, silver wok is NOT pre-seasoned. you can seasoned it yourself. You can find the season video:

Customer Reviews

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Diese Wokpfanne ist eine super Bereicherung für meine Küche! Die Qualität ist eine Auszeichnung für diesen Meister, super handlich und ein Traum zum kochen! Das Einbrennen ist das wichtigste für diese Pfanne, danach ist es einfach nur noch pure Lust auf kochen! Ich kann das Produkt jederzeit weiterempfehlen, es hat seinen Preis, jedoch jeden Cent wert! Wer was gutes möchte, sollte nicht auf den Preis schauen, denn diese Anschaffung ist nur einmal im Leben! Dankeschön für diesen Hammerschlag Wok!