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ZhangQiu ZhenSanHuan Chinese Hand Hammered Round Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Set

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Wok+Lid+Utensils Set

ZhangQiu ZhenSanHuan Chinese Traditional Hand Hammered Round Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Set, includes a round bottom pot, a lid, a spatula and a ladle. The wok is fit induction.

Brand Introduction

  • ZhenSanhuan is a famous brand of Chinese traditional hand-hammered iron pot.ZhenSanHuan owns the patent of ZhangQiu iron wok, hand-hammered with Chinese traditional cold working technique. This technique was used to make weapons in ancient history.
  • The company is committed to providing customers with kitchenware products with Chinese characteristics.It does not just bring you health, but also with long-lasting life cycle, it keeps your home traditional flavor for your grandchildren.
  • The iron pot making video of ZhenSanHuan is broadcast in A Bite of China.You can find the video here:

Product Strength

  • The wok is made by CARBON-STEEL.
  • This is a wok set including a pre-seasoned iron wok wood handle, a compatible wood lid, one iron ladle, one iron spatula, and one wood trivet.
  • The pot is a core product of ZhenSanHuan.
  • Fully hand-hammered for 150 - 200 times for each square cm - for optimal heat retention and thorough, even heating. High-density surface doesn't absorb cooking oil, so you save oil meanwhile eating less fat.
  • NO painting, no coating - physically non-sticky to give you a healthy meal. Less oil, less smoke. It is completely safe and healthy.


Usage Advice

  • Products require seasoning before use. Silver wok needs to be seasoned. Blue-black wok is pre-seasoned, and need to be washed before use. You can season it yourself and see with your eyes how a silver wok becomes a blue-black wok with no coating, please check the detailed tutorial video ( to help you make it a piece of art.

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!


These wok sets are truly heirloom quality. I ordered sets for each of my children as housewarming gifts. They were beyong grateful and appreciative of the history and artistry going into each piece. Each item was well-wrapped and everything packaged securely. The included care instructions were very clear and easy to follow. We all also appreciated that each wok had a card specifying the skilled artisan who crafted the piece with such care and precision. As a family we have owned many woks over the years some purporting to be "traditional". None come close to the exquisite durability & workmanship of ZhenSanHuan cookware. It was also very special being able to request personalization. The entire experience of my custom order was a breeze. Thank you ZSH and Sunny for your patience with all my questions & requests!


I purchased the pre-seasoned 36cm wok with a helper handle. The communication was great with the seller and it arrived much quicker than expected. The quality of the wok is great and was definitely made by someone with skills. The inner surface is perfectly smooth with just barely noticeable bumps from the hand hammering. It is big and solid and not the type of wok you would be flipping with one hand. It heats up well and food slides around easily. Just be sure to have enough oil. Cleanup is easy with a little soap


Beautiful items! I can tell these will last a lifetime! The shipping was SUPER fast


Very good exceptional quality items. I had already bought a larger model. These are woks that you keep all your life and are passed down from generation to generation. Thank you for the speed and quality of shipping. I recommend this site. Thank you Etsy.