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ZhangQiu ZhenSanHuan Chinese Hand Hammered Two Handles Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok

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zhangqiu(章丘铁锅) zhensanhuan(臻三环) chinese traditional hand hammered two handles flat bottom carbon steel wok/pot. This wok/pot is suitable for induction cooker.

This is a wok set including a pre-seasoned carbon steel wok (flat bottom, induction suitable), a compatible wood lid, one iron ladle, one iron spatula, and one wood trivet.

Brand Introduction

zhensanhuan wok has been filmed by the documentary A Bite of China(Chinese Best Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok). Ever since then the good thing is more and more people knowing the good of hand-hammered wok, but the bad thing is more and more fake low-quality counterfeit woks flushing the market. We choose to let he wok tell people if you can really shut all doors and windows, sit down with one light before you, put on your headphones, and start the day by picking up your hammer.

With this heirloom-quality wok, healthy food and grandma's cooking can be passed on for generations.

. ZhenSanHuan owns the patent of ZhangQiu iron wok, hand-hammered iron wok with Chinese traditional cold working technique. This technique was used to make weapons in ancient history. It does not just bring you health, but also with long-lasting life cycle, it keeps your home traditional flavor for your grandchildren.

Production Strength

. Made by carbon steel.

. Fully hand-hammered for 150 - 200 times for each square cm - for optimal heat retention and thorough, even heating. High-density surface doesn't absorb cooking oil, so you save oil meanwhile eating less fat.

. NO painting, no coating - physically non-sticky to give you a healthy meal. Less oil, less smoke. It is completely safe and healthy.

. Kitchen Must-Have - varied diameters of stir fry pan to fit your everyday cooking needs and techniques.

. Products require seasoning before use. Silver wok needs to be seasoned. Blue-black wok is pre-seasoned, and need to be washed before use. You can season it yourself and see with your eyes how a silver wok becomes a blue-black wok with no coating, please check the detailed tutorial video (how to season a carbon steel wok?) to help you make it a piece of art.

Customer Reviews

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I love metal and wood. This wok is a beautiful piece of art sculpted by gifted hands. When metal and wood are worked into shape it breathes its own virtues. A piece of the maker is forged into the essence of the form. Though we see a wok, it is a lifestream. Fantastic! Thank You! This was a great deal and I highly recommend it to others. D.Espo


Excellent quality beautiful wok!!!

Beautiful wok

Beautiful wok. Exceeded my expectations.


Sch?ner Wok


I thought it was handmade or handmade but it is probably a product that only welds the handle part by hand. Therefore it has a very beautiful surface. I wonder if the pot is handmade