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ZhenSanHuan Handmade Earthenware Clay Pot Casserole

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It is not pottery nor porcelain. It is made of deep-layered mountain earth by our teapot master, totally free of any toxic materials or lead and 100% Eco-friendly. It can be used to boil water, soup, rice, broth, stewing poultry, congee, porridge, traditional Chinese medicine etc. I also use it to make thick and silky yogurt when I have guests.

Thanks to the uniqueness of holes structure casseroles can actually improve the quality of water. Fill water or soup in casseroles for a while, you will find water/soup at the outside bottom through the micropores.

In Chinese cuisine, casseroles are usually used to stew tonic soup in order to release more sufficient nutrients from ingredients by controlling cooking temperature.

The effect of Chinese medicine can be better inspired if boiled in casseroles.

It is super light, the whole pot is only 2.2Lb.

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Smaller than I thought 2.5L but beautiful product